Rest assured that if you are in need of any immigration legal help, The Law Office of Carrye Washington is the law firm you should consult. Consultation is free of charge .Our bilingual staff effectively provides services to  Spanish and English speakers

The Law Office of Carrye Washington specializes in helping people immigrate or remain in the United States.The Attorney Carrye Washington is dedicated to the rights and dreams of individuals fighting to immigrate and stay in the United States. If you are facing deportation in Immigration Court, if you are detained, if you need any immigration help in Ontario or the United States, call the Law Office of Carrye Washington and put your mind at ease that you will receive extraordinary immigration legal advice and representation. With over 17 years experience. In addition, our office provides many Immigration-related services such as  family-based petitions, motions to reopen, and asylum and non-immigrant visas petitions.

Although located  in historic downtown Ontario, California, Carrye Washington is sought out by individuals in other states such as Nevada, Arizona and Texas .Our firm represents clients in Immigration court and Federal courts. Representing clients in appeals to the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO), the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), and the Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals.

Whether it be by anxious individuals or families facing removal or deportation in immigration Court the Law office of Carrye Washington  is able to guide families in pleas to criminal convictions avoiding  the devastating consequences of deportation and removal of our clients.

Ms. Washington also assists clients in minor criminal cases such as:  Requests to recall Warrants and DUI’s along with other criminal and civil litigation matters.